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Attention: Christian men and women who are speakers, authors, coaches, business owners, entrepreneurs and those who aspire to be speakers...

Do you have a message to
share that will change lives,
inspire others, and save
someone's business?

Then learn how use public
speaking to deliver your message.

Are you a Christian Business Owner who wants to incorporate God in your business?

Do you want to speak up as a Christian leader in your industry?

Are you afraid if you step out and deliver your message that business people will reject you?

If you answered YES, this seminar is for you.

God gave you a message that only you can share, to people that can only hear it from you! This message will save someone's business or their life. It is your moral duty as a Christian business owner to share your message with the world. If you don't share it will be undelivered for all eternity.

You are not alone!

When I started my speaking business ten years ago, I felt exactly the same way.

Over those ten years I've spoken on many stages. Every time I stepped on one of those stages, I kept my faith a secret from the audience. That was the only way, in my mind, that I could be recognized as a truly professional speaker. Having just ended 23 years in corporate America, where you didn't dare talk about God or your faith around the watering cooler, I knew such talk would be a severe career limiting move. That lesson to keep my faith to myself transferred right into my new world of entrepreneurism and onto my new stages.

When I spoke, something was missing and I knew it. I left out the most important part of my life and who I was, my faith in God and Jesus. But, I thought, that was what a professional speaker did, just like in the corporate arena.

That all changed in an instant! I was listening to my mentor Eric Lofholm speak and I'll never forget the moment, just into his personal story, when he said, "And then I prayed about it." Those words were music to my soul. At first I realized I didn't know my mentor was a man of faith, so that thrilled me. Second, I realized, he could speak about his faith sincerely without being preachy. Before then I had never heard a speaker speak about their faith outside of church.

Shortly after that, I was inspired when motivational speaker Lisa Nichols spoke of her faith in God over and over in her talk. I finally got it! I could do this too! My soul overflowed with joy. It took watching someone live their faith outside the church before I believed I could do the same. At that moment I decided that from now on I was ready to take the risk and speak out in faith.

It made a HUGE difference in my talks. Today, I am free to speak and share my God-given gifts with the audience. I'm free to be me. No secrets. No hiding my faith. As a result, I'm attracting more of the right people, the people I want to work with, men and women of faith.

As I met and talked with more and more of my fellow speakers of faith, I discovered that many other Christian speakers share this same dilemma. And sadly, they had no place to go to get help, get coached or even hang out.

So I decided to create a seminar for professional speakers who are Christian and teach them how to stand in their faith while speaking in the secular world.

God called me to create the Christians In Business Who Rock Conference to give other people who felt this way a place they could network, support, and inspire each other to do their best, and a place where they would no longer feel alone in their journey. Together we could take God from the church and have him join us on stage in the secular world and claim our rightful identity as speakers of faith who integrate God and business into our message.

And now it is reality.

It all happens Friday, May 13th to Sunday, May 1st, when a community of like-mind, heart-warming Christian men and women will gather, inspire each other, and learn how to gain confidence, step into the spot light, speak, and bring God with them without fear of rejection.

Christians In Business Who Rock!
May 13, 14, and 15, 2016
(Special VIP Party, Thursday evening, May 12th with a Back Stage Pass)
In Ontario, California

Do you have an important message you want to share with the world?

Do you want to grow your business and help more people?

Would you like to get on more stages, make a bigger impact, and bring God to the stage with you?

The Christians In Business Who Rock Conference is about learning how to get your message out to the world. That message can be a business message or a personal testimony. Either way, you have a message to share that only you can share to people who can only hear it from you. That message will change someone's life or business and quite possibly change the WORLD!

If you're like a lot of Christian business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and speakers, you may be struggling with some of these common challenges that prevent you from enjoying the success you deserve:

  • You know your business, but you are the best kept secret.

  • You have plenty of competition and you want to be number one.

  • Your marketing works, but you want it to work better.

  • You work hard and now you want to leverage your time.

  • You have your faith and you want to integrate it with your business.

  • You are tired of doing the same thing and getting the same results.

  • You'd love to make an extra $10K or $20K per month without working harder.

It's time to get your message out in the world

It's time to create a successful business

It's time to heal others
with your words

It's time to share your personal journey

It's time to ROCK!


It's easy when you learn how to speak persuasively.

This event, led by Arvee Robinson, The Master Speaker Trainer, and other guest experts, teaches you how to leverage yourself by using public speaking as a marketing strategy to attract more clients and customers while standing in your faith. These strategies work even if you've never spoken before or are a seasoned speaker.

When you attend, you will learn how to:

  • Build your business with public speaking

  • Get your message out to the world

  • Attract your ideal clients and customers

  • Make a difference with your words

  • Captivate your audience with stories

  • Use colorful metaphors to create emotion

  • Generate unlimited leads of warm and hot prospects

  • Use persuasive language that sells

  • Speak your faith on stage without being "preachy"

Many of you have attended "empowering" events. This is not one of them. We've been empowered enough. It's time to take it to the next level. It is time to ROCK THE STAGE. This entire event was created to teach you that you can be a man or woman of faith, stand in integrity, and speak your business in such a way your audience falls in love with you, trusts you, and wants to buy from you!

When you apply the skills you learn
at this 3-day event you will be recognized
as an EXPERT in your field and you will...

  • Gain visibility in your marketplace

  • Become the go-to person in your industry

  • Skyrocket above your competition

  • Market effortlessly, every time, like clock work

  • Work less by leveraging your time

  • Speak your faith loud and clear on stage and integrate it into your business

  • Attract your ideal clients now

  • Convince your listeners to buy from you at the end of your talk

I created this entire event to inspire you
to share your message NOW!

These three steps will transform your message into a
powerful presentation that could change the world.


Craft a persuasive presentation
filled with emotional stories that
opens the hearts of your listeners.

Gain visibility in your field and
leverage your time by using public
speaking as a marketing strategy.

Expand your world when you
integrate your faith and business
together while making a difference
in the lives of others.

Your Rockin' Host: Arvee Robinson

The Master Speaker Trainer, international Speaker and author, captivates her audiences with high-energy, high-content, interactive presentations filled with stories and role-plays. Her audiences have fun while learning workable strategies they can put into action immediately. She presented over 3,500 energizing motivational keynotes and content-rich educational programs to conferences, retreats, and on-site programs. She has shared the stage with speaking giants Mark Victor Hansen, Loral Langemeier, Tom Hopkins, Bill Walsh, Chris Howard, Joel Bauer, Jay Conrad Levinson, Eric Lofholm, John Childers, Adam Urbanski, Raymond Aaron, Larry Benet, Dave Lakhani, Jill Lublin, and many others.

As an in-demand speaking coach in the business world, Arvee has taught over 5,000 service professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs how to attract more clients by clearly communicating how their services benefit their customers. She teaches her clients a simple, proven system for delivering persuasive business speeches, getting the most out of networking and creating magnetic introductions. Arvee has helped hundreds of individuals eliminate nervousness, command their audiences' attention, and deliver sales-winning presentations.

Over the past ten years, Arvee has created and promoted 103 of her own live events and teaches others how to become a powerful speaker, create their own money-making events, get their message out to the world and make a huge difference.


Rockin' Fans


"I used to struggle with a shaking voice every time I spoke in front of a room. I always thought 'I'm a writer, not a speaker.' Well, I recently entered my book into a contest for a publishing contract and I was shocked to realize that Round 1 was all about speaking! I would have to make a video pitching my book idea. But Arvee’s Speaker Training Intensive really saved me. My video presentation turned out way better than I could have imagined and it’s getting massive attention. I’m currently somewhere in the top 150 out of 2500 authors, which means I’m in the running to make the cut to Round 2! Thank you Arvee!"

Marguerite Bonnett, 12 New Steps


"Working with Arvee has been a lifesaver for my business! After 3 years of not speaking I was very rusty and wondering if I would still be able to get in front of a group. After Arvee’s dynamic 3-day Speaker Training I no longer have any doubts and have already booked speaking engagements.

I've attended a number of big speaker trainings. Arvee's speaker training stands way ahead. There’s a small group, individual coaching and lots of experiential work so you really know how to speak in front of an audience. Her way of teaching is so much more productive and effective. I have no hesitation recommending her coaching. The best investment I ever made! Thanks Arvee, you are a blessing."

Hazel Palache, Say Yes To You Coaching

This is a unique, one-of-a-kind, never-been-done-
before event where you will learn the five points
of becoming a ROCKSTAR in your industry. . .

Register NOW for three days of public speaking training and
Rock Your Message, Rock Your Business, and Change the World!


Only 200 seats are available to this incredible event.
Get your ticket before they sell out.


General Admission $997 Early Bird $297 (only until April 24th)

Or Upgrade to the "VIP Experience"
for ONLY $100 More...

Here's your chance to get the full heart-felt experience.

Only $1,097 $397 (only $100 more than general admission) gives you an exclusive VIP Back Stage Pass for all three days. This is an awesome opportunity to network, maximize your exposure, and connect with other Christian business owners, entrepreneurs and speakers.

Your VIP Back Stage Pass includes:

  • Admission to the exclusive VIP only reception on Thursday evening, May 12th, which includes appetizers, networking and a special presentation.

  • Stage Entrance to the Event and preferred seating where ever you choose. You can stroll in at your leisure and you won't have to fight the crowd for a front row seat.

  • One 30-minute VIP Group Coaching Sessions with Arvee Robinson (Saturday and Sunday morning from 8:00am - 8:30am), valued at $500. Come behind the scenes and learn how Arvee creates her own stage and how you can do it too.

  • Private VIP Lunches with Arvee Robinson and some of the speakers (all three days). Join Arvee in a special private room where we will dine in style and mastermind with other amazing Christian guests.

  • Rockstar VIP Event Badge identifying you as special. A bright colored ribbon attached to your personal name badge will let everyone know you are a VIP with a Back Stage Pass.

  • PLUS! Elvis (Scott Robertson) is our exclusive VIP Evening Entertainment!


Scott Robertson, aka OC Elvis, has been entertaining audiences large and small for all types of events since 2001. From the silky smooth voice of Dean Martin to the bring-the-house-down energy of The Rolling Stones, Scott embodies the true spirit of an entertainer. His shows feature a wide array of music performed by (what your audience will swear is) such beloved superstars as Neil Diamond, Elvis, Johnny Cash and many more.

Robertson is a chameleon on stage, with a voice that is reminiscent of these luminaries while bringing a fresh energy to each performance. Audiences are drawn to the familiar and much-loved music of their favorite artists and leave wanting more. From Los Angeles to Michigan to Hawaii, Scott has entertained thousands of adoring fans. In 2009, he was awarded the "Best Music of Orange County" by My Fox LA.

Scott grew up in Orange County and learned to sing by singing along to records of his favorite artists. He was involved in band programs in school and played several instruments. Scott served in the U.S. Marine Corps and is a Desert Storm veteran. Scott is a loving husband and father of two young children. Scott's walk with God and fulfilling God's purpose play a central role in his life. He is very active in his church, serving as a teacher and playing bass for the worship band. When he is not busy entertaining, he is a branch manager for U.S. Bank.



VIP Admission $1,097 $397 (only until April 24th)


Our Rockin' Singers

Celebrity Singer: Florence LaRue Intelligent, beautiful, and talented are words that are frequently used when describing glamorous Florence LaRue, the remaining original member of The 5th Dimension. Over the course of a phenomenal career that has produced 14 Gold records, 6 Platinum records, 6 GRAMMY Awards, and numerous other awards, Ms LaRue continues to surprise her fans with her talent, stamina and endless energy.

For many years, Ms. LaRue has been an active member of The Church On The Way, in Van Nuys, California, where she especially enjoys singing in the choir, serving with the homeless ministry and missionary work.

Florence LaRue is clearly a star who shines for God. She is grateful to Him for the opportunity to speak and minister in the secular and spiritual worlds through her music, writing, speaking and acting, and for blessing her with success. She looks forward to what He has planned for her future.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16


Gospel Singer: Patricia LaVerne McQueen is a singer, songwriter, speaker, and minister. She combines her music talent with the Word of God. She calls it a Sermon in Song. This unique ministry the Lord has given her, provides men, women, and children with Spiritual Words and uplifting music so they can rejoice in the Lord and connect mind, body, and spirit in the moment. She is first and foremost a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, she is also a writer and producer of Gospel music, and co-owner of McDujo Gospel Music Productions.

McDujo is promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ as preventive medicine. Problems may come, but the Gospel of Jesus Christ will prevent them from escalating or becoming strongholds in one's life. The Bible says "my son attend to my words, consent and submit to my sayings. Let them not depart from your sight; keep them in the midst of your heart. For they are life to those that find them, and health to all their flesh." (Proverbs 4:20-22)

ValLimar Jansen Singer/Entertainer: ValLimar Jansen

Blessed with an extraordinary voice, ValLimar Jansen is a highly regarded singer, composer and recording artist.

Known especially for her work with contemporary Christian music, she sings a wide range of music, including spirituals and traditional, organ-based choral music. In 2005, with her husband, she released her solo CD, You Gotta Move.

Today, ValLimar tours regionally, nationally and internationally as an inspirational speaker, a storyteller, a psalmist, a song leader, a principal vocalist, and/or an emcee. You can hear ValLimar as a guest artist on a number of CDs, including: Endless is Your Love; Make Us One; Clothed in Love; Christmas Child; Live It; That You May Have Life; Turn My Heart; Luke: The Feast of Life; Cross Culture; By Heart, and Another World.


Your Rockin' Christians In Business Speakers

Kelly Orchard - How to Live an Extraordinary Life

This presentation is about:

  • Forgiveness
  • Faith
  • Follow

Kelly is an Author, Speaker, Coach, Business Consultant and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has a Master's Degree in Psychology, a Bachelor's Degree in Social Science with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership, and graduated from an elite MBA Style Broadcast Leadership program with National Association of Broadcasters.

…But before all that, she spent 30 years in radio as an "On Air Personality", advertising and marketing executive, station owner, and consultant. In fact, she still maintains her roots in broadcast as a consultant, podcaster and contributor to several online magazines, publications, blogs and video programs.

Kelly's passion stems from a Heart Crisis that derailed her life and career. The health crisis was the catalyst that set her on a path toward becoming a Licensed Therapist and became her platform for encouraging personal growth through life's lessons. Her book, Heart Lessons is part of her signature message.

Kelly's purpose is to promote perpetual personal and professional growth - from planting seeds to a fruitful harvest. Her surprisingly unique perspective to common problems produces results for her audiences and clients by helping them cultivate, plant seeds of development, branch out, and grow through the seasons of life with fresh solutions.

Driven by a profound sense of energy, curiosity, adventure and creativity, Kelly's combination of real world experience, formal academic studies, and radio entertainment skills make her a sought after speaker, coach and contributor.


Inthirani Arul - Human Relations Trainer, Consultant, Inspirational/Motivational Speaker, Author, and CEO/Founder of SoulPath Inc.

SoulPath Leadership: One Principle to live by

You will learn how to:

  • turn struggles into strengths
  • benefit from your struggles
  • experience life's greater purpose for you

Inthirani is gifted to empower heart-centered leaders with guided systems and techniques so they can step into their unique purpose engaging positive action in their lives and leaving an evolutionary legacy behind!

Inthirani is a member and a graduate from CEO SPACE and the Quantum Leap Program through Peak Potentials Training. Also a graduate from the Counselor Training Institute and an award winning graduate from Dale Carnegie in Public Speaking and Human Relations receiving both The Crashing Through Award and The Highest Award For Achievement. Inthirani's gift of engaging audiences and individuals is an experience of inspiration and personal expansion so they can journey within their SoulPath. Because of Inthirani's passion for special needs adults and children she has served as MC for provincial art show and more and donates her time regularly to such causes.

She currently resides in Canada as a single widowed mother with a gifted child. Inthirani believes that within every person lives possibility and growth and that when one empowers themselves they can empower others around them, be it their family, their neighbors, their community and the world at large. Inthirani believes that by connecting to your SoulPath and achieving from that place of existence you will leave a legacy with the service you were brought to this planet to gift to humanity.


Colette Wilson-Nwonye - Owning Your Personal Vision

Fortune 500 Companies spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars to craft vision statements that outline their future aspirations. Like the Fortune 500 Companies, we need to clarify and articulate our future intentions by creating our very own Personal Vision.

During the presentation, you will learn:

  • The importance of having a personal vision
  • How to create your own personal vision
  • Strategies for owning your personal vision

Colette Wilson-Nwonye is the mother of two. She is an award-winning trainer and manager. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Master of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Studies, as well as an Associate of Arts in Theology. She is inspirational speaker, mentor, coach, workshop facilitator and vision strategist. Her passion is empowering women to discover and appreciate their personal value so that they can help others to do the same. Her divine assignment is to make the world a better place to live in, to love in and to lead in by empowering one victorious women at a time.


Becky Olson - Joyride to Happiness

During this presentation you will learn:

- How to get out of your own way to find your "Joyride to Happiness"

In 1996, at age 43, Becky went back to school while working a full-time job to get her college degree. Three months later she was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer and was given a 60% chance to survive past five years. She jokes that she is thankful her doctors were wrong because it took her SEVEN years to graduate. She has been diagnosed twice more since then.

In 2000, while working full-time, Becky co-founded Breast Friends, an Oregon based organization with national reach, dedicated to helping women survive the trauma of cancer. She continued to work full-time and spent her free-time developing Breast Friends into what it is today. They now have affiliates on the east coast.

Finally, in June of 2005, she left her job as a sales manager at Dex Media, and was finally able to focus full-time on Breast Friends and her speaking career.

Since then, Becky has been featured in magazines, on radio and television and has been the keynote speaker at numerous breast cancer events, women's leadership conferences and Christian Women's Groups. She has also written chapters in books and published her own book, "The Hat That Saved My Life."


Ginny Okada, RN, Esthetician, and Speaker
How to look AGELESS in 10 minutes or less

Most men and women don't know how to take care of their skin, especially the skin everyone sees - their face. As a result, their facial muscles, droop, sag, and wrinkles appear. Soon they look old beyond their years. This affects their self-esteem, career, and image.

The skin care industry is a billion dollar industry. With all the gizmos and gadgets out there plus millions of skin care products, it can be confusing and expensive with little or no results.

It's doesn't have to end this way. Learn how YOU can look AGELESS in ten minutes or less, every day!

In this presentation you will learn how to:

  • Learn 10 Face lift points
  • Minimize the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and your mouth
  • Use a simple device you can carry with you where ever you go

Deb Ringler, Inspirational Speaker, Writer, and Master Gardener
- How to Dig in and Grow when Life gets Dirty

In this presentation you will learn:

  • How challenges can cultivate growth
  • How yielding can give you strength
  • The power your perspective produces.

Deb began a career in Horticulture in 1980 and soon founded her own Interior Landscape Business which she still manages three decades later. Deb has spoken to numerous audiences regarding the benefits of plants, and how they add not only to our environment, but to our personal lives as well. Twenty years ago, after her ex-husband died, she found herself raising her son alone. Deb has experienced the loss of her biological family, survived cancer, and a financial collapse during the last recession. She has grown and thrived through it all.

Deb has a wealth of real life knowledge to draw from that she presents in a practical and humorous style on how you can experience restored hope, renewed vision, and a revived purpose even after a storm has blown through your life. Deb now uses her vast horticulture and business knowledge in combination with her variety of personal life experiences and inspires others to cultivate growth in their lives through the challenges they face.


Our Rockin' "Pastor's Perspective" Panel


Pastor Ed earned a BA in Applied Mathematics and a MBA in Marketing/Finance from UCLA. He is much sought after as speaker for conferences and seminars in the U.S., as well as abroad.

Pastor Ed is the Founder of the Zoe School of Economic Development, an entrepreneurial course for those seeking to be successful in business, which was featured on Warner Brother's "Making It"; a program devoted to highlighting the accomplishments of minority entrepreneurs. In 2009 Pastor Ed partnered with Pastor Bill Winston of Living Word Christian Center to extend the Joseph Business School to the Los Angeles area.

Pastor Ed has been a Board Member of the Evangelical Christian Credit Union for over sixteen years. ECCU is the largest financier of church and ministry loans in the United States, with over $2Billion under asset management. He serves as the Board Chairman of Window International Network. Based in Colorado Springs, it is focused on bringing the Gospel to the nations within the 10/40 window. In 2004, he was elected to the board of the Christian Leadership Alliance and the Union Rescue Mission of Los Angeles.

Pastor Ed has been married to Vanessa Smith since 1975 and is blessed with four wonderful children, three sons, one daughter, and three grandsons.


Kevin Webb is a graduate of Azusa Pacific University with a Bachelor's Degree in History (1988) and a Master's Degree in Theology (2001), as well as receiving a Master's Degree from Cal State Fullerton in Social Science (1992).

Along with being an adjunct professor of American History for 20 years, Kevin served as a pastor for 15 years in the Free Methodist Church.

For the last 7 years, Kevin has been with Thrivent Financial, working with Christians so they can be wise with money and live generously. Thrivent Financial does investments, retirement strategies, and life insurance for the Christian community, and is in its 23rd consecutive year on the Fortune 500. Additionally, Kevin serves on the Board of Directors for the Pomona Valley chapter of Habitat for Humanity, and is the President of the Upland Chapter of Christian Business Partners.

Kevin has been married to Alicia for 27 years, and they have three children. They attend The Vine Church in Rancho Cucamonga.

Pastor George Nix is an ordained minister with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel and has served as Senior Pastor at Living Water Foursquare Church in Covina, California for the past 10 years.

His wife Susan and he have three daughters, three sons-in-love, and one grandson (so far). George also serves in his community as the Membership Director of the Covina Chamber of Commerce. Most of George's ministry life has been "bi-vocational", serving with local non-profits.

Pastor George believes that every person is called to ministry, no matter where he/she lives or works, and that when we "work as unto the Lord", our workplace becomes a sacred place to live out our faith.


Torrian Scott is a vibrant leader who has a well-established history in ministry, business, non-profit management, personal and professional development. With that, he helps leaders raise the bar of effectiveness in their businesses, ministries, and fundraising endeavors.

His heart's passion is to help people and organizations discover their true purpose, release their true potential, and operate in their true destiny.

Torrian is a powerful speaker and leader that will alter people's perspectives, paradigms, and future path to fulfill their hopes, dreams, and visions. His talks leave audiences full of hope, joy, and challenge to live the life they deserve.

Our Rockin' Schedule

May 13-15, 2016 (Plus a VIP "Backstage Pass" the Evening of May 12th)

May 12th, Thursday May 13th, Friday May 14th, Saturday May15th, Sunday
Back Stage Pass Required

Private VIP Reception

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Rock Your Speech

General Session
9:00am - 6:30pm

Rock Your Business

VIP Session

8:00am - 8:30am
General Session
9:00am - 6:30pm

Rock Your World!

VIP Session

8:00am - 8:30am
General Session
9:00am - 6:00pm

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